The University of St. Thomas policies are continually being reexamined to reflect the needs and values of our community. As such, St. Thomas reserves the right to modify or cancel any policy, statement or procedure at any time, and such changes may not be immediately reflected. The policies and statements are not an irrevocable contract, and the University reserves the right to change any policy or practice from time to time.

If you have questions about particular policies, we encourage you to contact the policy owner identified on the policy.

Policy Repository

The University Policy Repository contains all university policies that are subject to approval of the St. Thomas president. Policies that do not require the president’s approval are included at the discretion of the University leader responsible for the policy. The repository contains the most current, official version of the designated policies. Any copies (print or electronic) of policies that are inconsistent with the version contained in the repository are not in effect and should be disregarded. Some policies in the repository are not publicly accessible.

Policies are listed below in alphabetical order. In addition, there are multiple ways to search for the policy you are looking for. You can use the search function to search by name or key term. You can also filter by applicability (for example, students, faculty, staff, visitors, etc), filter by category of policy (for example, “Employee Policies”) or filter by the first letter of the policy name.